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Terry Ubl

I approached Tom Webster with MAS from a referral to install a new XLT pizza oven in the SAC area. As I have my own service agents in the area I had to use Tom due to the fact XLT requires me to use them as they are trained in this install. As I always am a little hesitant to use new people on such a large and important install I was comforted by Tom they would get the job done right. Right off the first conversation with Tom I knew he could get it done and answered all my questions with confidence.

The result of that install was perfection with him and his staff. The guys he had on the job were all business and knew the ramifications of not getting it done correctly. One thing I love about MAS is that they will jump for the customer. I can always get a hold of Tom when I need something done quick. I have over 20 Restaurants in the area and Tom has been nothing but an extension of me in the area since I am 400 miles away. I can’t tell you how much this make me successful because of the way he works and gets jobs done for me.

I deal with 180 locations with my position and deal with over 300 service agents and by far Tom and MAS are the best ones I have. If I had a MAS in every county and every state in the US then I wouldn’t have to work as hard as I do.

The fact is when I put Tom and MAS to work I know the job will be done right and quick, and if there is any issues Tom will make sure I am happy or he won’t be as well.

Thanks MAS for making my life easier.

Director of Facilities BJ's Division –