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Healthy Air Initiative

We are very excited to share our Healthy Air Initiative” that helps protect our partners along with their employees and guests has launched in Spring of 2020 – Breathe Easy Your Healthy Air Team!” First, here is some background to help you better understand the program.

 MAS Service has entered into an affiliate relationship with “PreVasive”, the maker of “BAC” (Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner), an environmentally safe, ready to use cleaner with safe active ingredients including whole essential oil and white thyme. Additionally, this product is nontoxic, non-corrosive, non-irritating, biodegradable and very effective.

 Our mission is to provide an environment that allows our restaurant partners to feel safer, while offering a sense of ease to their employees and guests. The BAC product has recently been used in New York, the epicenter of COVID-19. This product will be used on all HVAC calls, more specifically in the evaporator compartment. The process to apply the product is simple and consists of two main components. First, the evaporator coil will require cleaning with very light coil cleaner, the drain pan cleared, and the compartment vacuumed out with shop vac. Second, the BAC product will be applied via pump sprayer with a very fine mist in measured amounts to the evaporator coil and compartment and left to dry.

 When servicing any HVAC unit, we will be cleaning and treating the evaporator with BAC. The purpose of this process, along with the value to our partners is to circulate clean treated air, while assisting in making the space safe for customers and their employees. Furthermore, BAC assists in treating your filters, indoor coils, inlet/outlet areas of the equipment, and condensate pans with an organic botanical product to be 99.999% effective against odor causing bacteria and prevents mold, mildew, and fungi. Given our current state, a healthy working and dining environment is more important than ever. Many of our multi location restaurant partners have had MAS launch our clean air protocols, including this treatment on their next round of Preventative Maintenance.

 MAS is providing an opportunity to add a proactive filter change to your service, and consider Merv 13 filters that help capture smaller particulates, unwanted bacteria, and virus carriers. Additionally, MAS is offering Air Purification systems which use ultraviolet lighting to purify the air. These can be installed in systems easily and kill bacteria, viruses and mold as well as reduce odors and VOCs. I’d welcome discussing additional details with you, deploying this product has been highly beneficial and effective for our partners.

Your MAS team has completed all necessary field training and stand ready to do our part in helping protect our customers and our team members. Please call Mike Roderick directly at (888) 314-0451 so we can answer any additional questions and assist with any arrangements.