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Rick Bayer

I have been in restaurant facilities, construction management with numerous restaurants companies for over 25 years. Over the course of this time, I have worked with a number of different HVAC,  Mechanical companies for equipment preventive maintenance and service. ( HVAC, Kitchen equipment, refrigeration  ) It is a huge plus to find a company such as MAS who can do this service for all my equipment needs. To this date I have yet to find a company that does a better job of servicing all my needs than MAS. In My opinion MAS is the best at what they do across the board. I always have excellent service from both office staff and field staff. ( Very Professional, well trained ) I have referred MAS to many of my other colleagues,  and companies that get the same results from MAS that I do. I will continue to use MAS with all the different companies I represent.

Director of Construction & Facilities Pasta Pomodoro